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Medical Industry

86529265-thinkstock-300x200The medical industry understandably requires strict product specification standards for computers, monitors and peripherals that an OEM needs to be able to keep up with. As an OEM serving the medical industry, you can depend on New Era Electronics.

This means that among other things, the OEM needs to deal with certifications, have high quality product, have product that won’t be obsolete for a great deal of time, and they need a distributor who can cope with all of that. More than that, they need a distributor who can cope with that and still manage to offer good product and service.

Medical Displays

Medical displays, whether for surgical use, diagnostic use, etc., require the utmost in quality.

When it comes to high resolution, wide viewing angles, correct colors or life span, most monitors don’t cut it for the medical industry. Improper monitors can even cause migraines due to a slight jitter.

That is why, after years of trial and error, we distribute monitors from Eizo in order to cope with the needs of the medical OEM.

Eizo displays are DICOM Part 14 compliant and further have a quality that is unmatched. From 19” grayscale diagnostic monitors to 60” 8.29 megapixel surgical displays, Eizo monitors are equipped to handle whatever the needs are.

Medical Industry Systems

135413665-thinkstock1-300x197There are 2 main things needed for a medical system.

First, you’ll either be building the system completely custom, or from a barebones system. This means that you’ll need to have arrangements to get the computers assembled in a location with proper ESD protection. This isn’t terribly difficult to find, as any good distributor who serves the OEM market should have this service available.

The second thing to watch out for is the stringent medical certifications. In order to keep the certifications on your medical equipment you need to ensure that all of the components remain the same throughout production. This requirement actually goes so far as to include each individual chip on the motherboard.

As a result, a total BOM freeze is required. This means that the manufacturers of all of the components of the machine need to guarantee that none of the components will change. This can be done. But if there are one or more parts that won’t offer a BOM freeze, then the only option is to buy a large stock of machines at the start, or you can place a blanket order with New Era Electronics for a year and we will release product to you throughout the course of the year. This way you can also get better pricing for smaller shipments. New Era will work with you on providing the service that you need.

Medical Panel PCs

Medical Panel PCs, or all-in-one PCs, are in increasing use and demand in the medical industry.

As is the norm in the medical industry, they must adhere to the stringent medical standards. Luckily, we carry a line of Panel PCs from Arbor that are made specifically for the medical industry. In addition to adhering to the strict medical standards, they have a number of other features such as a fanless design, waterproof structure, and anti-bacterial protection. They have a number of uses.

Bedside Patient Infotainment Terminal

One of the main uses of medical Panel PCs is as an all-in-one patient infotainment terminal.

In fact, there are a number of Panel PCs from Arbor that are made specifically for use as an infotainment terminal. They support a wide variety of connectivity and data retrieval devices, as well as a number of multimedia and entertainment services. They make a hospital stay much more comfortable.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Another popular use for medical Panel PCs is for use in Telemedicine.

With a wide variety of communications and connectivity features, medical Panel PCs are actually perfect for telemedicine. They allow for one on one communication with the patient as well as the remote communication of several physicians with the end result of providing more efficient and higher quality service for the patient.

On top of that, all manner of data collection can be performed through one of these devices at a long distance.


Since its conception, New Era Electronics has been dealing with the medical industry. We have learned the ins and outs of this industry and have nurtured not only the product line necessary to serve the medical industry, but the quality of service as well.

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