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Company Profile

thumbs_planarFor nearly 30 years Planar has grown behind innovation upon innovation that delivered superior displays for the most challenging needs and circumstances where both the customer and end-user have the most demanding requirements. “When Image Experience Matters” is truly where this company shines.

Benefits of Planar

With 3 decades of dedicated experience to flat panel display technology, projection and processing, this innovative company brings deep technology expertise to display challenges. For this reason the company offers designed specifically for their intended application. These range from large format touch screen displays, to video walls.

A Planar Distributor

New Era Electronics became a Planar Distributor early in 2013, in order to fulfill a widely growing need for reliable, industrial large format display technology.

Industrial Market Served:

  • Medical
  • Space
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Business
  • Home theater

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