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Subracks, 2U-9U, 19” - Pixus

Product Specifications
Key FeaturesModular extruded aluminum design

For housing custom backplanes and motherboards with front (and/or rear) pluggable modules. (If standard architecture backplane is required, please see our Enclosures/Systems section.)

Standard, EMC, Mobile (Industrial Rugged), and Compact designs.
2U-4U horizontal-mount subracks

3U, 4U, 6U, 7U, and 9U vertical-mount subracks (for 3U and 6U modules or custom sizes)

Versatile card guide mounting for various pitch modules (plastic and aluminum card guides available)

Rear I/O access optional

Optional PSU and fan implementations
DescriptionThe modular Eurocard concept of Kaparel/Rittal subracks permits a wide range of applications with the minimum number of components, since all Ripac subracks are based on the same horizontal rails and system components. The only difference lies in the design of the side panels and configuration variants. Equipped with a backplane and power supply, a standard subrack can be rapidly upgraded to an MPS system, for example. The subracks are shock and vibration-tested and conform to IEC 60 297-3, 60 297-4, 60 297-5-103 and IEEE 1101.1 and 1101.10
Size2U-9U, 19” - 21HP wide
Other Infon/a
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