VPX30 Backplanes - Pixus

Product Specifications
Key FeaturesCompliant to latest VITA 65 specifications
Various OpenVPX profiles—contact Pixus for details
3U backplane design
Data rate options of 3.125, 5.0, and 6.25 Gbaud/sec
Custom rear IO options
Fast turnaround, superior performance
Customization available
Conformal coating optional
DescriptionBased on specific backplane profiles in the VITA 65 specification, the vast majority of OpenVPX backplanes are customized. There are a wide range of options for the data plane, control plane, expansion plane, etc. Contact New Era Electronics to discuss your application. See the datasheet on to review configuration options.
SlotsWith options for:
2-18 VPX Slots
1-12 VME64x slots
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