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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Use in Industry Applications

Embedded systems today can be used for virtually anything in industry. From running an ultrasound machine or controlling manufacturing units in industrial automation, to remotely flying a plane the possibilities truly are endless, depending on the resources and software you have access to. You could even say the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

The Convenience of Embedded Systems

In evidence of that, OEMs have been integrating embedded computer systems into their different products for years. Often times they’d put together the computers piece by piece, individually selecting the chassis, power supplies, boards etc. But in recent years the rising number of OEMs purchasing barebone and fully completed systems has increased steeply. The reason why is simple – convenience.

Barebone Systems With the Specs You Want

  • Why spend your time scouting for different parts of a machine when you could simply buy a barebone system that already has the specs you want?
  • Why spend the time and money assembling an embedded system when you could get a complete or barebones system assembled and delivered to you wherever you need it?

It all comes down to the pain of having to reinvent the wheel when somebody has done all the work for you already. This way, engineers can spend more time designing. And purchasers can circumvent the headache of going through several different distributors; instead favoring a single “One Stop Source” that can supply what is needed.

New Era Electronics is Your ‘One Stop Source’

We’re proud to say that we are that “One Stop Source” whether you need a barebones, custom or fully complete system, a Panel PC or the mobility and convenience of a Rugged Tablet Computer. Or, one of our military-certified machines from Core Systems. It doesn’t matter the industry, we can help.

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