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Industrial Computing Requirements

Industrial computing application requirements vary greatly. However the common denominator is the requirement of ruggedness, coupled with an all-encompassing redundancy. Simply put, these vital computing systems cannot fall prey to failure as a result of the rough environments that they inhabit. The results of such failures can turn a situation from a disaster to an outright catastrophe. More specifically, this can mean the loss of profits, loss of time, injury and even loss of life.

Euro-card Based Computer Architectures

The various Eurocard-based computer architectures (CPCI, ATCA, VME, VPX, etc.) stand in answer of these issues, with their high reliability and other features such as hot-swapability which aim to minimize and effectively eliminate the various issues that can happen in the field.

Ruggedized and widely used in industrial, aerospace, telecommunications and military applications, we offer a wide variety of enclosures and backplanes supporting a wide range of Eurocard formats.

The backplanes and enclosures come in a number of form factors such as 3U, 6U and 9U and vary from supporting as few as 2 cards up to 21 cards.

Custom Design Service

In some instances, the search for the perfect system to fit your needs can come up short. To handle those instances, New Era Electronics offers a Custom system design service, coupled with hassle-free assembly and integration, in order to make your implementation a breeze.

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